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Company strategy is great. But, it isn’t enough if your culture doesn’t support it.

Core decisions in a company must begin with your value, mission, and priorities. The culture you’re working to create impacts these decisions. This must start with identifying your company’s values.

Here are some things to think about when building a company culture:

Make sure that your identified cultures don’t conflict with what really happens. For example, if your company pledges to create a work-life balance, expecting responses to emails on the weekend or in the evenings is unrealistic. This directly clashes with a culture you are trying to create. A solution to creating a culture in your company is finding one or two structures that your employees can truly commit to and that you yourself can commit to as a leader. 

See that the conversation about culture is always open and up for negotiation. Discuss with your team about how both of you can compromise and come to a common decision that makes both team members feel heard and understood. Company culture can adapt and change to adjust to the needs of the staff and customers. 

Identify your values and create a culture that helps your team address those values and fulfill the beliefs of your company. Make sure that your staff knows and lives by these values to protect your company brand. This created culture drives the behavior of your employees. 

Raj Khera and Dr. Jeff Kaplan discuss company culture in the podcast below. They offer solutions and scenarios for crafting a culture that meets the needs of your staff, customers, and leadership in order to create a balanced and effective business based on the values and beliefs of the company.

Check out the podcast below!

-Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Dr. Jeff Kaplan is a business psychologist and executive coach who coaches executives and high potentials to lead with heart. Jeff helps leaders to work more collaboratively with others, recognizing that people are an organization’s greatest asset.