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Humility is recognizing that you are serving something bigger than yourself. Someone who is humble seeks to serve and support others and their organization. Someone who is not humble is self-centered and looks at what they can get out of it, not the larger group. If you lack humility, you don’t care about others opinions because you think you’re the smartest one in the room. 

What are the characteristics of a leader that you respect? These people are likely very humble leaders. 

What makes a humble leader?

“You” centered language

A leader doesn’t give feedback based on them. They are taking the “I” out of conversation. For example, instead of a leader saying, “I think you…,” they prioritize the “You…” first. 

Differentiates between “Listen, Share, or Solve” in feedback

A humble leader can identify or even ask an employee if they would like a leader to just listen, share their experience, or help solve the problem with them. Instead of jumping in immediately to right away solve the problem, a humble leader identifies that first listening to an employee may be more of what they need. 

Performs acts of kindness

These are secret acts to help others. They’re for no one else to know! A leader finding ways to serve inside and outside of work keeps humility.

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– Dr. Jeff Kaplan
Dr. Jeff Kaplan is a business psychologist and executive coach who coaches executives and high potentials to lead with heart. Jeff helps leaders to work more collaboratively with others, recognizing that people are an organization’s greatest asset.