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Managed coaching

Managed Coaching Services Philadelphia

According to a new Gartner survey, 47% of HR leaders say that their organization struggles to develop effective leaders.

Carol Patton, February 4, 2019, hrexecutive.com 

    HR leaders use executive coaches to help solve this problem. However, just a few problems HR leaders face when hiring executive coaches are:

    • How do you find qualified coaches who are the right fit for the organization?
    • How do you ensure consistent standards of coaching excellence?
    • How do you measure success and the ROI of a coaching engagement?
    • How do you ensure that all the coaching is aligned with the organization’s current strategy and support leadership competencies identified as critical for success?

    Our Purpose

    Deliver and manage executive coaching that meets the highest level of ethical and industrial standards

    Everything we do is tailored to an organization’s culture and is driven by clearly defined success metrics.  


    I’ve been working with Dr. Jeff for six years and have enjoyed all of our time together. He’s brilliant, funny, and really GETS my company’s employees and is therefore able to engage and teach them challenging material successfully.

    Janell Fabiano

    WHAt we deliver 

    * Services may be used individually or as a comprehensive package

    • Build the organization’s coaching bench with qualified and credentialed coaches
    • Assess every coaching engagement request and create a Statement of Work that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of
    • Help control costs by ensuring every engagement is appropriate for coaching, recommending only the level of services needed to achieve agreed upon goals, and collaborate with HR on a regular basis on ways to maximize impact while minimizing cost
    • Handle all aspects of a coaching engagement, from creating the SOW and matching the coach and leader to gathering feedback at the end of an engagement to share with HR


    • One point of contact for contracting, payment and  handling HR requests
    • Orient coaches to the organizational culture and mission, and act as a liaison between the coaching bench and the organization
    • Track and monitor aggregate coaching activity and provide regular reports showing metrics important to the organization
    • Hold regular briefings and updates to keep communication and feedback flowing in all directions
    • Present general education sessions to leaders and employees about coaching and how best to use it



    Consistency across coaching engagements in process, delivery, tools, and the metrics of success. This creates administrative efficiencies; enables data collection; allows for meaningful comparison across engagements; and creates a common, shareable experience for coachees that helps solidify a culture of coaching, learning and growth across the client organization.

    • Single point of contact and payment, minimizing administrative time and costs
    • Ensuring the highest level of quality, service and customization
    • Receiving thematic feedback based on coaching discussions that is possible only with the external
      oversight of coaches
    • Leveraging lessons-learned from program-based coaching by integrating those lessons into coaching
      engagements across the organization

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