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  1. 1. Coach. Coach. Coach.  Do it for free or low pay if you have to.  This will help build confidence and unleash the power of coaching.
  1. 2. Experiment” – tell your client that you’re new using this approach to helping people but that you are really excited about what coaching has to offer and think that you can make a difference. Having said that you would appreciate the ability to work together for 4 weeks and together explore how effective it could be.  Be willing to offer a money back guarantee (would you really want to take their money if they found it not helpful?). This takes the pressure off of both coach and coachee. Note that this is for a life coach working outside an organizational setting. A coach shouldn’t be working within an organization if they don’t feel confident about their abilities.
  1. 3. Hire a coach.  This will help the Coach understand the other side and embrace the power.
  1. 4. Bonus 4th approach – as I suggested a former coachee who was a coach, do sample or a limited number of sessions with several coaches (being transparent on the front-end w/the coach) so that you can experience different styles and approaches of coaching and don’t feel like you have to be like your own coach.

Key Takeaway:

Have fun with it.  Coaching is a powerful experience that is changing the world, one conversation at a time.