I am a better person, and leader, for working with Jeff.  His style perfectly matched mine and I found it easy to open up to him and, in doing so, learn more about myself and my leadership abilities.  He listened to what I said, asked relative questions, and provided deep insight into methods I could use to be a better executive leader.  I found him, personable, professional, strategic, and relatable.  I have learned a lot from Jeff and appreciate the time that we spent together.”

– Kevin Pollock – President at Montgomery County Community College

Olan Soremekum

“As a new clinical leader at a large health system, Jeff played such an important part in my professional development and early successes. Tailoring his coaching to highlight how I could be successful with my leadership style as well as serving as a external confidant/advisor, he was able to identify challenges as well as some opportunities for early wins. An absolute pleasure to work it – Thanks Jeff”

– Olan Soremekum – Medical Sr Director at Cigna-HealthSpring

Bill Schlaff

“I shared some moments of self-affirmation with Jeff when I was thrilled to hear the positive things others said about me. I also shared moments of disappointment if not deflation when I had to hear about “my opportunities to improve”, far less pleasant but in most ways far more valuable when explored with Jeff. He brings a thoughtful perspective as well as a sense of humor to the coaching relationship, and helped me to both acknowledge weaknesses and develop productive strategies to become a more effective leader.”

– Bill Schlaff – Chair, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology – Jefferson Health

Y. Victoria Zhang

“It has been an absolute delight to work with Jeff. During about 12 months period when we worked together, Jeff has helped me with a 360 degree understanding of leadership and executive strategic thinking. He helped me the most in handling dynamic relationships, dealing with difficulty situations/conversations and leading change. He is excellent at breaking down big challenges into smaller executable strategies. I was often amazed by Jeff’s great insights into executive leadership issues. In addition, Jeff is very professional, personal and very pleasant to work with. Overall, Jeff has added life-long skills into my executive leadership tool box. I have found myself use these tools on a daily-basis. It was an invaluable experience working with Jeff!”

– Y. Victoria Zhang – Vice Chair of Clinical Enterprise Strategy, University of Rochester Medical Center

Doug Demko

“Working with Jeff was very helpful in my professional career. He helped me slow down and think of things from a strategic standpoint and always keeping in mind the perspective of others. Thank you Jeff!”

– Doug Demko – SVP Services and Support, Shift4 Payments -Chairman, President, Director of Operations, Skystream Jet

Maricar Collins

Using one word to describe my executive coaching experience with Jeff, it would be invaluable.  Invaluable to me, my colleagues and the organization I serve.  From day 1, Jeff made me feel like he was a genuine advocate for me and my success.   Jeff’s thoughtful and personal approach to executive coaching helped me navigate my leadership journey and provided adept insights on leadership and relationships that enhanced my skills and forever changed my approach to professional and personal interactions.  Jeff guided the development of my short term and long term plan to achieve my goals, was my sounding board and helped me understand and apply concepts related to emotional intelligence and political savviness; he played an instrumental role in shaping me into the leader I am today.  I feel extremely lucky to have had Jeff as my coach and have no doubt that the knowledge I’ve gained will continue to have a positive impact throughout my career.

– Maricar Collins – Associate Vice President, Financial Reporting
Temple University Health System


“Every leader needs business acumen, even values at their foundation.  However, the best leaders are highly self-aware with a strong sense of humility and empathy.  Jeff has a direct, honest and open style that helped me get stronger in all of these areas.  The strongest lesson was helping me evolve to a mindset of gratitude which has been pivotal in my professional and personal growth.  The diversity and strength of his background helped me in every aspect of my personal journey.

  • Evolved to a mindset of gratitude.
  • Honesty, humility and empathy.
  • Helped me widen my perspective

Jeff has a direct, honest and open style that will help you understand your blind spots and leverage your strengths in navigating complex leadership challenges.”

– Brian Carlisle – Chief Commercial Officer at Perma Pure

Robert Lux

“Emotional intelligence and a constantly evolving understanding of your values personality and style are essential to enhancing any executives contributions to their organization. Over the years I have gained a strong appreciation for the power of executive coaching in facilitating personal and professional growth. Jeff’s strong background in leadership, personal development and business along with an engaging style and a thought provoking approach provides the ideal environment to enhance your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your leadership skills as well as being a great person to help you work through tactical challenges you may be facing. A must for any executive that wants to remain on a growth path for themselves, the people that work with and the organization they serve.”

– Robert Lux, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Temple University Health System

Sandra Gomberg

“Jeff created a safe and open environment from our first meeting. He communicated genuine interest in my past, present, and future. I was immediately comfortable in talking openly about my dreams, fears and goals. Jeff’s skillful guidance allowed our coaching relationship to be a partnership from the beginning… my coaching relationship with Jeff is the greatest professional and personal gift that I have ever received.”

– Sandra Gomberg, former CEO, Temple University Hospital

Lisa Corbin

“Effective leadership requires the courage to look within. Working with Jeff Kaplan gave me the tools to do so. Thank you Jeff.”

– Lisa Corbin, Director of Investments, Temple University Health System

Tom Keebler

“Jeff has been an amazing partner and guide for me on my journey onto my next chapter. He brings good thinking and tools to help clarify your thinking, challenges you along the way, and helps work to drive real change — both professional and personal… and all in a caring and gentle fashion.”

– Tom Keebler, Managing Director, Global Management Consulting Firm

Lon Justice

“Increasingly in management and leadership, A leader needs to have a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to actually objectively see yourself and how you and your actions impact and organization. Jeff’s insights, skills and programs just do that – help a leader be more aware. Words cannot convey how much Jeff has helped me be a better leader, manager and overall person. I have referred several of my employees to his program to gain this benefit. Today’s leaders need this insight into themselves to be effective and ultimately successful.”

– Lon Justice, Vice President and General Manager Sales & Marketing at Agilent

Melanie Fitzgerald

“My relationship with Jeff has been all about self-image: coaching that focused on being confident, honing my image, and improving my presentation-style. My confidence has improved so much, that I have gotten feedback such as “WOW” and “I had no idea what Melanie was capable of! Executive management has clearly noticed the change. Thanks to my work with Jeff, my career has advanced nicely!”

– Melanie Fitzgerald, Sale Development Manager, Agilent Technologies

Ken Roy

“Utilizing Jeff’s executive coaching skills enabled me to enhance my leadership skills and executive presence. Our dialogue was candid and offered an accurate diagnostic to the attributes of effective leadership. I was able to implement ideas and themes immediately with positive results.”

– Ken Roy, Regional Vice President, Oracle Corporation

Linda Post

“The most important thing that came out of the coaching for me was a sense that I needed to clarify my own priorities and limitations and come to terms with how they were affecting my attitude. I’m also exercising on a regular basis and that helps too!”

– Linda Post, MD, Medical Director, United Heathcare Community Plan of Ohio

Stanley R. Frankel

“Jeff was exceptionally helpful in identifying and resolving international, cross cultural and cross functional management and team dynamics issues. He is skilled in complex 360 evaluations and interpersonal and relationship management.”

– Stanley R. Frankel, MD, Medical Sciences Executive Medical Director, Amgen

Stan Williams

“I feel strongly that the coaching I have received during this past 6-month time frame has not only met my expectations but has exceeded them to a significant degree. I have what I consider to be a comprehensive plan that encompasses both my professional and personal development needs. In addition, I have gained many valuable, practical and actionable coaching suggestions to address communication issues, development of direct reports, become more focused and efficient through better time management, increased my political savvy and strategic processes.”

– Lon Justice, Vice President and General Manager Sales & Marketing at Agilent

Sarah Burlew

“Working with Jeff to improve my confidence, develop a stronger executive presence, and build skills for working with difficult personalities has been a truly transformative experience. Jeff shared best practices, challenged me to experiment and then worked with me to incorporate those ideas into my personal leadership style. He is engaged and insightful and always makes himself available for quick emails or longer conversations, providing support every step of the way. Working with Jeff has made me a better leader and a better person for which I will be eternally grateful.”

– Sarah Burlew, Manager Emerging Markets, Energy Industry

Dave U.

“One of the most helpful aspects of my coaching with Jeff Kaplan is the validation it provides. I sometimes feel like I’m making decisions in a vacuum, without an opportunity to hear if I did things well or poorly. It was incredibly refreshing to have almost real-time validation and open feedback on tough situations. I could ask the question I’m just not comfortable asking anyone else.”

– Dave U., former Manager, Member Support Services, Energy Industry

Frank E. SurFace

“I worked with Jeff last summer into the fall. Through his guidance I have developed stronger habits and concrete goals. From creating “to do” list (and actually getting them done) to creating stronger relationships at work and home, Jeff has provided me the tools to perform at a higher level. I now have the confidence in myself and hold myself accountable to daily activities and I am always aware that building relationships is the most important part of my day. Be humble, be accountable and people will trust you.”

– Frank E. Surface, Chairman & CEO, Superior Paving

Cynthia Ronan

“I can’t thank you enough from your expert, straight forward, SO valuable coaching support and perspective. You have been so amazingly valuable to me and lead to some big shifts personally and professionally. Thank you, thank you.”

– Cynthia Ronan, Manager, Leadership Development, Lastar, Inc

Karen Johnson Dugger

“Jeff allowed me to experience the power of someone being totally in tune with my goals and desires and having my best interests at heart. During our bi-weekly meetings Jeff asks powerful questions, makes poignant statements, refers to epiphany producing quotes and metaphors, uses humor and most of all listens… his listening skills coupled with strong intuition routinely bring clarity and inspiration to our sessions.”

– Karen Johnson Dugger, Human Resources Manager, Philadelphia, PA

Ben Dean

“Jeff was one of our most gifted coach trainers at MentorCoach, and he is valued and respected for his enthusiasm, commitment, and excellent coaching skills. Jeff demonstrate an ability to connect with his coaching clients on a deep and meaningful level.”

– Ben Dean, PhD, MCC, CEO MentorCoach, LLC, Bethesda, MD

John Bullen

“After working with Jeff, I am more focused, better at managing my time, and have far less stress. I am more effective, period.”

– John Bullen, Director, Real Estate, Comcast

James McAllister

“Dr Jeff has made a greater impact on my career than any other single individual I ever met. His coaching success thrives on his unique ability to listen, understand, relate, and then translate your challenges into actionable takeaways for you to focus on. Jeff has almost a sixth sense about him which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable working with him. I felt like I knew Jeff for years by our second meeting. Since my time with Jeff I have received two promotions and started a new career. I only wish our meetings had never ended, and highly recommend the Executive Coaching experience with Jeff!”

– James McAllister, MBA, PMP, Strategic Sourcing Manager, SDI

Sue Haskoor

“I was moving up that corporate ladder and recognized I didn’t have all the political savvy of many of my colleagues. The Executive Coaching I received from Dr. Kaplan trained me to pause and consider the different perspectives to any specific dilemma I was dealing with professionally.”

– Sue Haskoor, Managing Director, Technology Investment, Strategy and Design Merrill

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