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“Co-Creating the Working Alliance for Business Partners & Peers”

The purpose of this tool is to provide structure for two business managers or leaders who do not have a reporting relationship, such as peers and co-leaders of a department or company.

This exercise is designed to build trust by “co-creating” a set of communication agreements early in their partnership.

“As a new clinical leader at a large health system, Jeff played such an important part in my professional development and early successes. Tailoring his coaching to highlight how I could be successful with my leadership style as well as serving as a external confidant/advisor, he was able to identify challenges as well as some opportunities for early wins. An absolute pleasure to work it – Thanks Jeff”

– Olan Soremekum – Medical Sr Director at Cigna-HealthSpring

“Using one word to describe my executive coaching experience with Jeff, it would be invaluable. Invaluable to me, my colleagues and the organization I serve. From day 1, Jeff made me feel like he was a genuine advocate for me and my success. Jeff’s thoughtful and personal approach to executive coaching helped me navigate my leadership journey and provided adept insights on leadership and relationships that enhanced my skills and forever changed my approach to professional and personal interactions. Jeff guided the development of my short term and long term plan to achieve my goals, was my sounding board and helped me understand and apply concepts related to emotional intelligence and political savviness; he played an instrumental role in shaping me into the leader I am today. I feel extremely lucky to have had Jeff as my coach and have no doubt that the knowledge I’ve gained will continue to have a positive impact throughout my career.“

– Maricar Collins – Associate Vice President, Financial Reporting
Temple University Health System

Increasingly in management and leadership, A leader needs to have a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to actually objectively see yourself and how you and your actions impact and organization. Jeff’s insights, skills and programs just do that – help a leader be more aware. Words cannot convey how much Jeff has helped me be a better leader, manager and overall person. I have referred several of my employees to his program to gain this benefit. Today’s leaders need this insight into themselves to be effective and ultimately successful.”

– Lon Justice, Vice President and General Manager Sales & Marketing at Agilent